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Gas Technician 3

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Part Time Program:

A Gas Technician 3 (G3) Certificate of Qualification is a mandatory pre-requisite for anyone entering the industry as a Gas Technician.

To obtain a Gas Technician 3 Certificate of Qualification you must: Complete standardized training, delivered by a Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) accredited training provider such as Toronto Appliance Service LTD, in accordance with the TSSA training profiles and curriculum. Achieve a passing grade of 75% on TSSA theoretical examinations and practical assessment upon completion of Gas Technician 3 course training. Maintain an 80% attendance record throughout the training program. This course is accredited by the TSSA and complies with the training curriculum requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000. The course will help prepare you for the TSSA theoretical examination and practical assessment for Gas Technician 3 Certification. This is an entry level program for those individuals wishing to start a career in the Gas Technician trade, or those seeking to upgrade their skills in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry (HVAC). This program covers the G.3 modules 1 to 9 and the applicable codes, acts and regulations.

Students will take part in both theoretical and practical studies, to provide them with the full knowledge of the skills, safety procedures and theories they will require as
Gas Technician 3 certificate holder. This course is a part-time 15-week program; three evenings per week from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Once the students have successfully
completed their training, they will have gained hands on skills and a Gas Technician 3 certificate. As part of every program we also offer job search assistance.

Module Breakdown

  • Module 1 – Protect Self & Others
  • Module 2 – Fasteners, Hand Tools & Power Tools
  • Module 3 – Properties, Characteristics, Safe Handling of Propane & Natural Gas
  • Module 4 – Installation Codes, Acts & Regulations
  • Module 5 – Introduction to Electricity
  • Module 6 – Technical Manuals, Specifications, Schematics, Drawings & Graphs
  • Module 7 – Customer Relations
  • Module 8 – Introduction to Piping & Tubing Systems
  • Module 9 – Introduction to Gas Appliances

Codebooks Required

  • B149.1 – Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code
  • B149.2 – Propane Storage & Handling Code
  • Ontario Act, Regulations, and Code Adoption Documents for use with B149 Code Series
Course Cost $3,500

This is an all-inclusive price including applicable taxes, codebooks, course modules, tuition and exam fees. This price does not include administration fees for funded
students. Prices are subject to change.

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